Episode 23: We’re Not Dead

The Dwellerz are back from the hiatus! And they’re arguably better than ever!(?) Listen in as we talk about Japan, Doom, Alien Stomper Reeboks, Overwatch, Space Jam Inflation Fetishes and more!

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Episode 21: Super Mega Deluxe Disney

DISNEYLAND AND WALT DISNEY WORLD. That’s right the Dwellerz paid a visit to Uncle Walt. Tommy went to WDW and Carson and Nathan went to DL. Tune in now for plenty of insider info, new ride reviews and funny stories from our trips!

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Episode 20: Keep On Dwellin’

Sicario. The Splat. Universal Studios. The Haunted Mansion. All these things and more in this episode of The Dungeon Dwellerz Podcast! Oh and we have a special guest this episode. Tommy’s sister Rachel. Everyone welcome Rachel!

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Episode 18: The Exodia Guy

No counterfeit Exodia cards here, only 100% raw uncut! In this exciting episode of The Dungeon Dwellerz, we discuss E3, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Jurassic Park, Yu-Gi-Oh, and so much more! Please excuse the weird cutting, our recording software fell for our trap card and had a bunch of static. Live and die by the heart of the cards.

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Episode 15: Jolly Rancher Communion

Bow your heads, followers of the Dwellerz because your favorite dudes are back from the heavens with another episode! This week we’re gonna talk about Iron Chef, Tetris, Better Call Saul season 1, Super Monkey Ball, Emojis and of course: Chumbawamba. Listen now and be forever saved!

Episode 13: Made By Real Winners, For Real Winners.

Don’t disassemble just yet, Dwellerz because this week’s episode offers an enormous amount of pop culture INPUT for you. We’re gonna go over Chappie (Short Circuit), the Rocket Power civil war, RoboCop bubble bath, Grand Budapest Hotel, MAXIS, John Carpenter, Steam VR, HBO Now and so much more. JOHNNY 5 MUST LISTEN NOW!

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Episode 12: Pee Pee Squad Induction

Enter the world of Pandora-land as we discuss the announcement of the new Avatar section of the Animal Kingdom, Girl Scout Cookies, American Sniper, and much more!

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